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Surrogacy for Gay is a part of the Surrogacy Global Network, offering specialized, gay-friendly options to couples the world over. We’ve helped over 2,800 gay families worldwide and have a fantastic track record, with many families returning to us for sibling programs. We understand that it can be a difficult process, with so many competing factors getting in the way – money, time, legal and social issues, stress from travel and trying to decide whether you can trust the surrogacy clinic you’ve chosen – but you can rest assured that we’ve got the experience needed to help solve these problems and deal with whatever gets between you and the ultimate goal of growing your new family.

We know that it can be a challenge

For gay couples to have surrogacy journey overseas. There are all sorts of barriers blocking access, such as local state or country laws, homophobic biases, and high medical costs. Our mission is to help you work past these and grow your family with as little stress and strain as possible.

Get in contact with us today and you can start your journey towards growing your family in a safe, friendly environment, having round-the-clock access to passionate surrogacy experts with advanced medical facilities at their disposal.

Affordable Surrogacy Program

Yes, surrogacy is emotional, exciting but can be also stressful, exhausting and of a heavy financial load. Surrogacy For Gay creates unique programs that will be cost effective.

Leading Surrogacy Destinations

Surrogacy For Gay chooses the most attractive surrogacy destinations – medical expertise, facilities, friendly attitude as well as the experience in the field of fertility are of major importance.

World-Class Fertility Care

Leading fertility specialists and professional team provide surrogacy services with great care, using the most modern facilities.

Commitment To You

Surrogacy For Gay is committed to offer surrogacy options that will be affordable,well organized, accessible and fitted to individual needs of intended parents.

LGBT Family Building

Only medical and legal planning is not what we are there for. Individual approach and never ending emotional support for our patients is essential to help building LGBT families.

Unparalleled Success

Hard work pays off ! Our passion for helping families, inside-out surrogacy knowledge and constant adjustment to the needs of our patients all contribute to our success rates.