Egg Donation

Surrogacy for Gay is proud of having one of the largest egg donor database were each donor is thoroughly screened and personally interviewed.

We strictly control that :

  • Each donor is medically screened in a very careful and precise manner.
  • Each egg donor is interviewed personally.
  • We keep in touch with every single egg donor regularly, update our data and ensure their availability.

In terms of ethnicity and nationality, our databases are diverse and include egg donors from : Georgia, Thailand, China, Korea, Ukraine, Russia, South Africa and Poland. It’s even more appealing that these beautiful ladies have the ability to travel at any destination and provide their much appreciated help there.

Experienced coordinators in each region have a close familiarity with local egg donors and all other resources that will be needed for the implementation and completion of the program.

Egg Donation Service

Gay intended parents are welcome to contact us anytime, share their needs, desires, thoughts and we will be there to provide explanations, details, service and support.

Guaranteed Surrogacy

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