Surrogacy in Kenya

Kenya has emerged as an attractive surrogacy destination for single dads.

What makes Kenya so popular, is that surrogacy is completely legal and affordable. Since 2014, according to the decision of the High Court, once having the surrogacy contract, commissioning parents are automatically granted the parenthood rights.

Before an embryo transfer, notary should approve the surrogacy contract in the Kenya Public Registry – Huduma. As for surrogate mothers, according to the Kenyan law, they are not allowed to be younger than 25 years.

Country’s legislation does not mention gay parenthood or gay surrogacy. In sake of implementing the best practices, surrogacy contracts are created between a surrogate mother and an intended father, who will be considered as a single dad.

Kenya provides not only medical expertise, but is a very popular tourist destination too. Across the continent, Kenya is one of the safest, most developed and picturesque countries. Having a well deserved top position in the region, is definitely a huge advantage for intended parents travelling in Kenya.

Guaranteed Surrogacy

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