Mariam Kukunashvili

Mariam Kukunashvili

Co Founder

Mariam was graduated from Tbilisi State Medical University with honor and was granted full government scholarship for further studies. Upon completing her 3 year residency program she continued her studies at Tbilisi State Medical University to pursue her Master Degree in Healthcare Management and Economics. In parallel to her post graduate studies, Mariam worked as a night shift nurse and later as a doctor at an Emergency Care Unit of Tbilisi Central Hospital.

From 2003, Mariam works as a Regional Coordinator for EU supported project “Primary Health Care Financing Reform in Georgia”, where she has been supervising health care reform in the Country. After Health Care Reform Project,

Mariam continues work at various EU and USA Embassy funded projects: “Palliative Care’, Poverty Reduction”, US Embassy programs on “Sustainment and Stability Operations program”, “Bioweapon’s Threat Reduction Program”.

From 2008, Mariam came to Fertility sphere with her own history of infertility struggle. She suffered from endometriosis for a long time. She underwent 11 unsuccessful IVF attempts, and 4 surgeries, then one successful but ectopic pregnancy. The medical conditions lead her to turn to surrogacy. With the help of 2 wonderful surrogate mothers, she and her husband have a beautiful daughter and twin boys, born in 2011.
Mariam is principle author of the books “Surrogate Motherhood: The World Practice and Georgian Reality”, “Aging and Healthy Lifestyle” and Co Author of Surrogacy and Fertility book which was published by Cambridge University in 2016. She also writes articles and Blogs for various Georgian newspapers.
Mariam strongly believes, that every business has corporate Social responsibility, thus as a founder of charity organization New Life Fund assisting school children from vulnerable families via providing the monthly stipend for their studies and arranging study corners at home.

Mariam is extremely passionate about people who are dealing with infertility, as she has personally experienced the headache and disappointment associated with it. Mariam brings her remarkable clinical and personal experience to our network and leads the clinics with great commitment to its vision and goals.

Brian Yaden

Coordinator of Parents to be from United States

Brian was graduated from Florida International University with honors and has been a guest speaker and participated in numerous fertility and surrogacy panels and conferences since 2010 when he and his husband began their own surrogacy journey, and has become internationally recognized as an expert in the field. Brian and his husband Henry began helping many other intended parents with their surrogacy journeys as well, providing advice and guidance related to international surrogacy. In 2014, Brian and Henry were blessed with the birth of their daughter Patricia, born in Thailand, thanks to their amazing surrogate. That same year, their ongoing surrogacy consultation business expanded into Mexico first and all over the world. Bryan has helped hundreds of people create or expand their families through surrogacy and he is the exclusive authorized U.S. Representative for Surrogacy For Gays , as global partner in international surrogacy.

Maria Requelme
Maria Requelme

Maria Requelme

Spanish Intended Parent’s Coordinator

María Riquelme is from Spain and studied Anthropology in the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and then moved to London to continue her studies at a Masters level. In England she worked as a patient assistant in the London Oncology Clinic and then as a quantitative and qualitative researcher in studies about different drugs. In the Caucasus she has carried out research about gender selective abortion. She is always attentive to every detail and prioritizes making everything as easy and pleasant as possible for our intended parents.

Maria is your primary contact for Spanish Speaking intended Parents.

Languages: Spanish, English

Sophie Ukebla

International Intended Parent’s Coordinator

As a highly trained professional in customer service and dedicated team member, Sophie is a great asset to our company. In addition to a BA degree in Translation and Interpretation, Sophie holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from UK. Having worked for prestigious London companies as a sales and marketing coordinator, Sophie has expertise that is essential to insuring the satisfaction of our intended parents. She has dependable experience that helps her guide our intended parents through the entire process of a surrogacy program with minimal stress. Sophie has worked as Senior Sales Advisor at New Look, Marble Arch, London, as well as on Senior Team Leader position for the Dorchester Hotel, Mayfair in London.Sophie is very eager to keep up with the latest trends in Business Administration. Most recently, she attended several prestigious conferences on Resource Management & Carrier Development,

Sophie Ukebla
Business Process Management & Change, Leadership Challenges & Strategy Formulation. As Patient Coordinator at SurrogacyforGay, Sophie deals directly with all intended parents with confidentiality and dedication, manages and coordinates their inquiries, provides support to ensure intended parent’s satisfaction, answers all initial questions in great detail, introduces available programs and handles negotiations for the final agreement. Sophie is your primary contact for English Speaking Gay /Single Parents when you start to consider carrying out your surrogacy and/or egg donation program with us.

Languages: Georgian, English, Russian

Mimosa LY

French Intended Parent’s Coordinator

Mimosa is a qualified Pharmacist. She graduated from University of Health & Sciences in Kingdom of Cambodia in 2007 and MBA degree at Build Bright University in 2013.

She worked as a manager in private clinic and chain pharmacies stores. Later on, she joined in New Life Global Network- Cambodia Branch as a Pregnancy Care Coordinator.

The company recognized her performance and success which reflected her personal quality. She is a very organized person in her daily works, soft-spoken, understanding, very good in communication with Surrogate mothers and active in updating on time all the details information to Intended Parents.

Since 2016 she has moved and started her works in pharmaceutical company in Europe.

Mimosa is your primary contact for French Speaking intended Parents.

Languages: French, English, Cambodian

Shalva Melanashvili

Logistic Coordinator

Shalva is from Tbilisi, Georgia and he was gradated from Law school and holds his Masters Degree in international law. He is in charge of taking care of logistic part of the programs as well as of intended parents. Most of his job experience is related to business administration, customer service and international law. Shalva has worked for different companies, such as advertising agencies, political parties as well as LGBT organizations.

Shalva as the precious team member, organizes the receiving and storing, moving and shipping of supplies, stock and materials, effectively managing the timely flow of order processing. He has a strong attention to detail and accuracy and possesses excellent time management skills with excellent record of customer satisfaction.

Languages: English, Russian

Shalva Melanashvili
Josephine Svaetichin

Josephine Svaetichin

Social Media Marketing and Blog Writing Specialist

Josefin is from Sweden and works at SurrogacyforGay as a full time team member since the beginning of 2017.

Josefin has a background in liberal arts, and has previously worked with writing and editing for different clients and mediums. She is especially experienced in writing for the web and focuses mostly on social media. She holds a BA in Swedish, English and literature. Josefin is responsible for contributing content, writing articles and keeping our blogs updated.

Languages: English, Swedish