Surrogacy in Laos

Laotian law neither banns nor promotes surrogacy. As the country is emerging as a popular surrogacy destination, a number of IVF clinics operate and offer surrogacy programs there. So does Surrogacy For Gay.

We started to offer programs in Laos after the surrogacy ban in Cambodia. There, we already have a number of successful gay parents, waiting for their beautiful babies to be brought to the world. Our coordinators are accompanying our patients in Laos and provide help and support in all aspects.

Surrogacy in Laos

Surrogacy clinic itself has Thai and Australian owners. With their experience in the field, clinic reaches outstanding success rates.

Surrogacy services in Laos
Surrogacy in Laos is accessible for intended parents around the world and is cost effective. Specialists in the surrogacy clinics are very welcoming, supportive and helpful. The absence of restriction makes country a perfect surrogacy destination for intended gay parents and moreover, gives Surrogacy For Gay the opportunity to address individual needs of our patients in a very flexible manner.

Guaranteed Surrogacy

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