Myths Regarding Age Criteria for Surrogate Mother and Common Misconceptions

Intended parents look for IVF procedure followed by surrogacy as an option after they lose all hopes in natural conceiving. Many reasons stand for a couple for not being able to be parents naturally. Sometimes, it is the fertility issue, and sometimes it can be the issues related to the weak womb of the intended mother. Weak wombs are not able to carry the gestation and often faces miscarriages.

Surrogate mother serves as a gestational carrier to intended parents. She takes on the responsibility to carry the baby in her womb and deliver it for them. It requires a lot of research to find a satisfactory surrogate mother of choice. Gestational surrogacy has bought a new hope for all childless couples who are looking forward to having their genetically connected baby.

Best-suited Surrogate

Intended couples always look for the best-suited surrogate to carry their child. They research a lot to find out best verified and healthy surrogate for their procedure. There is a common perception amongst intended parents to have a surrogate in her early 30s or maybe younger.

It is very important for intended couples to understand the fact that women can serve as a surrogate even in their 40s. Their ability to shelter the child increases with growing age. They can be better carriers of the embryo and lead to successful pregnancy and delivery. Till the time a woman can maintain her required BMI, she is fit to honor this role.

Standard Age Limit of a Surrogate Mother

The standard age limit of a surrogate mother is from 21 and till 42. Till the time a woman is 21, she is not able to preserve the development and understand the intricacies of surrogacy parenting. The highest age limit is 41 to 45 years to avoid any complications during pregnancy or delivery.

Many intended parents are found to be inclined towards the 21 to 36 age group for their surrogate. As a matter of fact, woman, above the age of 36 is found to be superlative surrogate mothers. This is the time when they are more sympathetic about the gestation and not only pursues it as a career. A woman body doesn’t undergo major changes in the late 30’s or early 40’s. In fact, this is the best age for a woman to act as a surrogate mother as she is both mentally and physically fit to be given the responsibilities of a gestational surrogacy carrier.

Motivation to Serve as A Gestational Carrier

Women, who serve as surrogates at a higher age already are mothers in their personal lives. Her motivation to serve as a gestational carrier at this stage is not only the money she is being offered but a divine desire to help a childless couple to become parents.

Women in late 30’s and early 40’s can deal with the emotions of being a surrogate mother better. They are better professionals and can feel the pain of the intended parents at the same time. This unique combination is the best factor that influences the success of a surrogacy procedure. As a matter of fact, there are no actual upper limits to become a surrogate. It depends on each situation.

Medically Fit and Aesthetically Spirited Surrogates

We have often met intended parents who are worried about the age of the surrogates. We find ourselves in a responsible position to educate them that the growing age of a woman is never a constraint to serve as a surrogate mother. Women working with us and serving as surrogates are screened medically before enrollment. They go through proper medical tests and background verification before we assign them to this job. None of them are suffering from any chronic illness, nor are affected with high blood pressure or diabetes. All our surrogates are medically fit and aesthetically spirited to take up this responsibility of carrying someone else’s child in their wombs.

It is very common to have a 40+ years old surrogate for your surrogacy program. No birth defects are ever noticed in such pregnancies or deliveries. Till the time the woman is healthy, she can serve as a gestational carrier. Women, who serve as surrogates regularly visit their OB/GYN and maintain a healthy life. They are under proper diet and regular check up to be sure of their medical conditions. They are again screened thoroughly before signing any contract with them and assigning a surrogacy job.

Ending Words

Couples looking for surrogacy as an option to have babies should be more focused on getting a healthy surrogate mother instead of being fussy about the age of the surrogate. It is important for them to rely on the surrogacy agency to find them the best surrogate mother. Women in their matured age can handle the gestation and delivery better and can take care of themselves better. There always remains an added advantage of experience working with a dedicated surrogate mother at her matured age.