Importance of BCG Vaccine after Baby Birth

The two most important vaccines for new born babies are hepatitis B and BCG vaccines. These vaccines are highly recommended to be given to new-born babies immediately after the birth. However, many parents refuse to give their children the vaccination. In this article we wish to inform the parents about the importance of these two vaccines and to help them make correct decision for their kids.

The vaccines prevent hepatitis B in the baby. This vaccine is to be given within 24 hours of the birth.

Yes, we understand that it is a tough for parents to see their tiny newborn get an injection. But, as a matter of fact, the situation can be even worse for the baby if it does not gets the vaccine. The vaccines protect your baby against critical diseases. It builds up the immunity to fight against several diseases. So, it is very important to complete the vaccination courses before leaving the hospital.

BCG Vaccine

The BCG vaccine is injected in the newborn’s limbs soon after the birth. This vaccine helps to protect your baby from tuberculosis (TB).

Bacillus Calmette–Guérin (BCG) vaccine is used to protect the baby against tuberculosis. It is very important for babies returning to their homeland where tuberculosis is common. The first dose of BCG is recommended to be given as soon after the birth as possible.

Babies living in developing countries are more exposed to TB infection. Hence, BCG shots are important for them. The entire course of BCG vaccination should be properly executed to rule out any chances of tuberculosis in the future.

Sit down with your paediatrician and sort out the entire course of BCG vaccine to be given to your child. Your doctor will be the right person to guide you through the steps to protect your baby from tuberculosis infection. As per the reports of the World Health Organisation (WHO), TB is one of the most growing infections across the world. BCG vaccination stimulates the body’s immune system, that will help protect the baby from TB infection all through her life.

At New Life we recommend to give BCG vaccination soon after the baby’s birth. We have experience of bringing babies to the world belonging from developing countries. Hence, we suggest execution of the entire course of BCG vaccination for a safe future of the baby.

Hepatitis B Vaccine

The hepatitis B vaccine protects the child from the viral disease of hepatitis B. The first dose of this vaccine is initiated on the same day of the baby’s birth.

Both the BCG and hepatitis B vaccines are given to the newborn baby by injection, unlike the polio vaccine, which is administered in oral doses.

First Dose of Hepatitis B Vaccine at Birth

We understand that it might be difficult for parents to see their newborn going through the pain connected to the injections. But, this pain is necessary in order to protect the baby’s against a deadly disease. It is very important that the first shot of hepatitis B vaccine is given shortly after the birth. This is a safety that reduces the risk of being infected with hepatitis B.

In case the mother is affected with hepatitis B, additional doses of hepatitis B immune globulin (HBIG) is given to protect the newborn baby against hepatitis B. This vaccine increases the baby’s ability to fight the hepatitis B causing virus soon after her birth. The vaccine has the best effect when given within the first 12 hours after the baby’s birth. Every newborn baby needs to complete the entire course of hepatitis B vaccination series to gain ultimate immunity and protection against this deadly disease.

Side Effects of Vaccines

There are absolutely no notable side effects of these vaccines administered soon after birth.

The BCG vaccine might leave a minor scar or mark on the place where it has been injected. It may not be visible soon after the injection, but comes to vision as the child grows. It usually leaves a red mark on the skin, a red dot to be precise. However, some babies are lucky and do not have any such marks. It’s best to leave the marks as they are and not apply any preventives to reduce it.

Importance of Hepatitis B Vaccine

It is very important to give Hepatitis B vaccine to newborn babies to protect them from future complications. Hepatitis B is a complicated viral disease that comes with severe complexities, and vaccination can secure the babies health.

Watching your baby going through that shot of injection can be painful for you. We recommend you to tolerate this little pain for your child’s future health. This small pain will save your baby from severe medical complications in future. The first shot of hepatitis B vaccine is very important, and should be given before the baby is released from the hospital.

Hepatitis B is a severe liver infection caused hepatitis B virus. This infection can grow from mild to acute. At times it can be very serious and the child needs to be hospitalised for treatment. Natural immunity of the body helps the child to fight this liver infection. In case your child’s immunity fails to conquer the virus, it can make her a lifelong carrier of the virus. This can lead to long-term complications like liver cancer or cirrhosis of the liver. People suffering from prevailing or durable hepatitis B usually do not show significant symptoms. The virus silently damages the liver over time. This type of liver infection is incurable. Proper and timely treatment only helps to prevent the severity of the infection.

Recommendation of HBV Vaccine

The HBV injection builds up long-term immunity in the child and safeguards her from serious liver diseases all through her life. 90% of the infants and children affected from hepatitis B virus are threatened to develop even more complicated chronic liver infections. This can also lead to liver cancer in some cases. It’s better to eliminate all these risks by just a simple vaccination.

Safety Concern for Hepatitis B Vaccine

The HBV injection is entirely safe for newborn babies in the first dose, and also in its later doses. It has no significant side effects other than low fever that occurs due to the injection. Soreness can also be identified at the place of the injection, but can easily be soothed with home remedies.

Ending Words

Our goal at New Life is not only to bring the babies into this world, but to give them a healthy life in future. Proper vaccination is immensely important for them to grow properly and to have a healthy life. Hence, we recommend hepatitis B and BCG vaccines soon after the baby’s birth. Babies born out of surrogacy are miracles. They come to this world after a lot of waiting and tremendous patience. It’s important to secure their life with proper vaccination and gift them a healthy life.