What intended Parents Need to Know About Their Egg Donor

New Life’s egg donation database consists of a large number of donors from all around the world. The donors are women between 18 and 30 years old. They are all in good health and have to undergo a number of different test in order to become egg donors.

When intended parents decide to use our egg donor services, they get access to our database and the profiles of our donors. These profiles holds all the information about the donors. A profile consists of photos of the donor, personal information and family history, information about their health and medical history and also some information about their education. The intended parents can browse through the database in their search for a suitable donor.

The Need for Additional Information

Many times the recipients off the eggs will want to have more information about the donor than what is provided in the donor’s file. In these cases we will contact the donor and seek her permission to ask additional questions. If the donor agrees to this New Life are happy to provide the additional information that the intended parents are asking for.

With all the basic information about the donors already provided, the intended parents might want to know what kind of hobbies the donor has or how she spends her free time. Do they prefer artistic activities or athletic ones? Do they like music? Some might ask about the donors work or how they fared in school. Obviously, the questions vary depending on what the intended parents find important and how much they want to know about their donor.

Meet the Egg Donor in Person

Provided that the donor gives her permission, it is also possible to arrange a personal meeting between the recipients of the eggs and the donor. This can be a good way to get a better feel for the donors personality. Just a short personal meeting with a donor can give much more information than information on a piece of paper. Sometimes it does not even have to be a physical meeting, it might be enough with a video call. But always keep in mind that it is the donor who chooses if she wants to meet the intended parents or not.

Almost all intended parents who get an egg donation wants as much information as possible about the donor. Most of the time this does not pose a problem. However, to avoid disappointment, please remember that in some countries egg donors are always anonymous.

Remember to Be Respectful

Thought it might be tempting to try to find out as much as possible about a donor it is important to remember that she is a person as well and that she has the right to her privacy. Therefore it is not suitable to ask too many questions and definitely not to ask questions of a too personal nature.

In situations like this it is always best to tread carefully, be sensitive and try to to get a feel for the situation. Some donors will be more open than others and they are the ones who get to decide how much they want to divulge about themselves. It is important to present your questions in a nice and friendly way and make sure that it does not turn into an interrogation. The intended parents must also be prepared that the donor might not want to answer certain question and accept that fact.

It is also recommended to ask the questions or arrange a meeting with the donor through our agency. That way we can make sure that the contact is carried out correctly, that it provides the desired results and that everyone involved is content with the arrangement.