Important Questions All Intended Parents Should Ask Surrogacy and Egg Donation Agencies

When planning to start the process of getting a child through egg donation or surrogacy most people have a lot of questions. This is very natural since it is an important decision and something that will lead to a huge change in your life. In short, you will want to know what you are getting yourself into.

So before you start planning your program make sure that you know exactly what it entails and what it includes. Arrange a meeting with the coordinator at the agency where you can get all the relevant information and ask the questions that you might have. Sometimes it is hard to remember all that you want to know when you are in the moment. Try to prepare before the meeting and have your questions ready to make sure that you will get all the answers that you need.

Important information for Intended Parents

There is a lot of information that is extremely important for the intended parents to know before starting their program. All parents will of course have their own set of questions, but there are some that are more essential than others. Below we will list a few of the more crucial factors to check with the coordinator.

Contact person: Find out who will be your contact person at the agency during the program. For most intended parents it is preferred to only have to deal with one person, someone who knows your history and can follow your progress in the program. It is also wise to discuss with the contact person how you will communicate with each other.

Timeline: The timeline is important in any program that uses Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARP). Often there are many factors that need to come together during the course of the program in order for it to be successful. Also make sure to discuss how long the preparation will be and when the program can be initiated.

Success rates: Something that will be of great interest for anyone who is starting to build a family with the help of ARP is of course the success rate. Always ask about the rates of the clinic to get a general idea about how big the chances of success is. Also ask about the success rates for the specific treatment selected for you.

Price: The price of the program is also very important. Cost is of course something that has to be taken into consideration when you sign up for a program. Make sure to ask about the full cost and exactly what is included in that price. It can also be good to get an assurance that there are no hidden costs and to find out if extra fees might be added during the process of the program. Another piece of information that is of interest is how and when the payment will be completed.

Tests: Always ask which tests are included in the program and what they entail. There might also be practical questions about the test, for example how and when they are being performed and when results can be expected.

Legislation: Another important factor to familiarize yourself with is the legislation of the country where the treatment is taking place. Find out what is legal and what is not since it is an indicator as to what services might be offered to you during your program. It is also a good idea to find out what sort of administrative actions and paperwork will be needed after the birth of a child.

Personal meetings: If you are going through a surrogacy process or are getting an egg donation we recommend that you ask if it is possible to meet the surrogate mother or the egg donor. Many intended parents want to meet these persons but for different reasons it is not always possible to do so.

Doctors: The doctors will be involved throughout the entire program and their work are a major contributing factor in the outcome of the treatment. So naturally it is a good idea to ask questions about the doctors and how they work.

Practical preparations: Make sure that you know what is expected of you as an intended parent and if you have to prepare in any way. Depending on your nationality you might for example need a visa to enter and stay in the country where your program will be run.

In Conclusion

Everyone who intends to enter into one of our programs is recommended to find out as much as possible about the treatment and the clinic before the planning of the program starts. This way you will know exactly what to expect and what is expected of you in return.

However, should you forget to inquire about something in this first meeting it is not the end of the world. At New Life knowledgeable coordinators are always at hand to help with queries and provide patients with the requested information. They will guide all intended parents through the process with dedication and care.