How to Prepare for the Arrival of Your Surrogate Baby

In anticipation of welcoming your new baby into the world, there are a lot of things that you can do to prepare yourself. To have a new little life to care for is an amazing experience, but it can also be a bit overwhelming in the beginning.

To make the experience the best that it can be it is very important to prepare yourself as much as you possible. It might feel like an intense longing for a child is all that is needed to become a good parent. This will of course help a lot, since it means that you want the best for your child and are prepared to do anything to make sure that they are doing well. But believe us, it will be very helpful if you make sure to prepare yourself, at least a little bit.

Do Your Studies

In order to make sure that you learn as much as possible about babies and what they need you will have to do some studying. There are many books about babies and infant care that are very informative and well worth reading. You can also search for relevant information on the internet, where you can find almost anything. That is also exactly why you have to be a bit critical about the source of the information- not everything online is true. So use your common sense- just like you would do in other situations.

It can also be a good idea to contact local health care facilities or family services to find out if there are any parenting classes that you can attend. Many times there are classes that you can go to both before the baby is born as well as when you have gotten your baby. It is also quite common that they organize groups for parents so that they can meet, socialize and support each other.

Feeding and Care

Another thing to familiarize yourself with is feeding. Some mothers of surrogacy children chose to breastfeed and that takes quite a bit of preparation, and sometimes a lot of practice, before it works smoothly. If you are not breastfeeding you will still have to learn more about what and how the baby should eat. It is of great importance that your child will get the right amount of nutrition during the first months, in order for them to grow and develop the way they should.

Try to educate yourself in the field of basic child care and pay special attention to the care of newly born babies. Learn about things like sleep, hygiene and how to change a diaper. If you are familiar with the general idea of it all, you will soon get the hang of things, and it will all feel completely natural even though it might be difficult in the beginning.

Talk to Other Parents

It is always good to talk to other parents. If these parents also have children born through surrogacy that would of course be ideal- but it is not a must. Experienced parents have been where you are now and will without a doubt be able to provide helpful tips, answer questions and calm your worries.

It is always reassuring to have helpful friends and family close by when you get your baby. At first it is only natural to want to be alone with your new baby so you can get to know each other. Later though it can be nice to get help with practical things around the house or to have someone that you can call and ask for advice.

Practical Preparation

On top of accumulating as much knowledge as possible about babies and how best to take care of them, it is a good idea to take care of some of the practical preparations. You will have to purchase quite a few things for the baby. You must of course have bigger things like a crib and a stroller but also a lot of smaller things like bottles, wipes and diapers. There is quite a lot to think about, and some things are easy to forget. But if you have most of the stuff in place when the baby arrives then it will be easy to get the few extra things that you suddenly find yourself needing.

However, there is a golden line when it comes to practical preparations, and when to start with them. You do not want to start to early in case something unexpected happens during the surrogacy program. If anything goes wrong it can be difficult to have to see or deal with things belonging to the baby. At the same time you do not want to wait to long. It is nice to be prepared so that you will not have to fix everything at the last minute, or feel stressed when the time of the birth is getting closer.

The Importance of Being Prepared

To be prepared for the arrival of a baby is extremely important. To become a parent is a huge thing and a great responsibility. It might feel difficult in the beginning when you are not used to the situation. Therefore it is important to prepare as much as possible. With knowledge comes confidence, and together these two factors will make it easier and faster for you to grow into your new role as parents.

There is a plethora of information out there- in books, tv- shows, magazines and online. So much in fact that it sometimes feels completely overwhelming. It is impossible to take it all in, and you do not have to either. Find the information that is relevant and, that answers your questions and helps you prepare in the best possible way.

And remember, that when it really comes down to it- you should do what feels best for you and your child. There will always be plenty of advice from others on how to handle your baby, and many times the advice might be totally conflicting. So in the end you should try not to care too much about what other people think, but go with the things that actually works for YOU. Also, know that the first few weeks probably will be stressful, but soon you and your baby will have settled into your new life together.