Travel Arrangements for Fertility Tourism

Travel arrangements for fertility tourism call for legal documents like visas and passports which allow you to enter the country that you are travelling to. Staying for treatment in a foreign land, you will have to have a visa has been approved for the length of your stay. You should always carry a valid passport that has not expired and have enough space for visa stamps.

All countries do not show the same attitude towards visa policies. Some countries exercise stricter visa regulations than others. For countries with stern visa regulations, you need to produce relevant and specific documents (medical documents and agreements in this case) in order to support your case and prove the motive of your visit in the country.

The following are the general guidelines regarding the procedures you are likely to go through for the purpose of your fertility trip abroad:

-Make sure you have everything in writing, starting from your medical records to various agreements (in case you opt for cross-border egg donation and surrogacy service). These are pre-requisite while traveling abroad for a treatment. It is advisable to get the documents translated into English, since it is the most understandable language on most fertility tourism destinations.

-Intended parents going abroad for fertility treatment must produce all the relevant medical documents and specialist’s advice to the respective country’s embassy. This is to clearly illustrate the reason for visiting a foreign country. It is mandatory to carry photocopies or scanned copies of medical tests, X-rays and MRI reports and other relevant tests. Do not only bring the copies, one should carry the originals as well for verification.

Some clinics may keep the copies. In that case, you need to maintain sufficient numbers of photocopies.

-Documents related to surrogacy agreement, egg and sperm donation should be reviewed by a professional to avoid any sort of litigation in the future.

-Sometimes showing documents is not enough. You need to go face a personal interview in order to prove to the embassy that you are going to their country on the basis of a genuine medical ground, the solution to which is not available in your country.

– You got to prove your identity to the embassy authorities to assure them that you are the person who has applied for the visa and are not representing someone else. Or that you are trying to visit a foreign country on behalf of someone whose identity you have stolen.

If the authorities are satisfied after these tests and you fulfil all the obligatory conditions, your visa will be issued for the stipulated period.

Since fertility tourism contributes enormously to the visited country’s economy in general, several countries with top grade fertility treatment facilities are inspired to offer fast-track visas to attract more prospective customers by adding extra visa charges.

-For critical cases or complications developed right in the middle of fertility treatment, visa rules can become flexible. Extensions of visas are not that difficult to achieve if the particular case demands it.

– Legal protocols exist which deal with intricacies of fertility treatment travels. Some countries would ask for registration of the intended parents before they actually travel to the country of their choice. One should be well informed with the legal requirements before travelling abroad. The fertility tourism facilitator’s door is always open to help the customers out on these critical issues.

-After your passport, visa and documentation formalities are completed you move on to book your flight. This is an easy step and online booking is of course a convenient way o do it. If you are busy with other things, you may entrust the booking of your flight to a reliable travel agent. But remember this will add a little more to your cost.