How to Tell Your Family That You Are Considering Surrogacy

People are not fairly open about the idea of sharing their surrogacy choices to others when it comes to conservative communities. They go through a lot of trials due to their infertility but do not find enough courage to admit it to their friends or relatives. People are more inclined towards keeping things private related to surrogacy and even IVF treatments. It is not easy for married couples in the eastern world to come out with the idea of going for a surrogacy program to have their babies in front of their families. It’s pretty tough for them. The society is yet to have a broader look out to such things. Surrogacy or infertility treatment is still a taboo for many communities of the world.

It is a sensitive thing for a family to accept to have their heir through someone else’s sperm or egg. Thus it becomes hard for the couple to share this information with them. They cannot directly address the matter of conceiving a child through sperm or egg or embryo donation to their families or close relatives.  The receiving audience is not open=minded to accept these facts. Hence, it becomes a difficult task for the couple to share this important news with them. However, if you go deeper into these, this is only the couple’s business and no one else’s. Though they feel pressurized under the family and cannot collect courage to place this forward to them.

Some couples withhold this information within themselves due to a sense of shame. It is difficult for men mostly to accept their infertility. They are the ones with less of courage to accept the fact themselves. Thus it becomes even more difficult for them to disclose it to someone else. But sometimes IVF followed by surrogacy becomes the only option left for some couples to bring their babies home. Irrespective of the third party’s involvement in the child’s birth, the child still remains yours at the end of the day. People should not be hesitant in accepting this important way of having a genetically connected child and be more liberal in their thoughts.

Couples are often ashamed to share the story of their egg or sperm donors involved in the surrogacy program. They are hesitant in telling people that their child was conceived using someone else’s sperm or egg. Embryo donation is also a popular practice these days where infertile couples can choose to use the cryopreserved embryos for the purpose of their childbirth. This is a normal procedure followed these days to bring glimpses of smiles to a childless couple’s face.

Most couples fear that their family would not accept the child born out of surrogacy as their own since at times they are not 100% genetically related. The family might have different approaches for this kid than the other children of the family. It is important for the couple to sit with their families and talk to them freely over this issue. They have to be strong enough to discuss the struggles they have been going through due to their infertility. Their family surely would understand the pain they are in and the ray of hope they have seen in the surrogacy program.

At times infertile intended parents have the fear of their parents who might not be as good as grandparents to their kid born out of surrogacy like the way they would have been to their natural born child. Well, this is a genuine fear in them. We still have not been able to come out of the concept that children born out of surrogacy are as good as the adopted ones. This is where it is necessary for the couple itself to explain their parents the course of surrogacy. They are the one who can best explain the procedure at the right time. This is the time when their parents would spare time in understanding the surrogacy procedure which they would not have paid much attention to during other times.

Couples also tend to hide about the child’s surrogacy as they fear that someone might say something harsh to their children and that can make them feel less valuable about themselves. It is mostly the close relatives who interfere unnecessarily in such affairs. As a matter of fact, the couple can show a more courageous attitude to all such people and not bother about them informing anything to their kids before. They should choose to remain transparent to their children about their birth and let them know how especially they have been brought to the world.


Considering Surrogacy with Family’s Consent

We have come across many couples who go for surrogacy with their entire family’s consent. It might be a little difficult for elders in the family to understand the importance of surrogacy into the couple’s life, but soon they can understand their pain and struggle. The chapter of IVF and surrogacy is neither given much attention in the conservative families and nor are taken seriously. People hardly talk about li. especially the elders in the family have a different view of it. The moment it becomes a concern of their house, they pay huge attention in knowing the pros and cons of it. Maybe they will be a little rigid in the beginning, but proper education about the procedure will surely open up their views on the chapter. Couples have to simply put forward the struggles of their trials and the doctors’ predictions regarding their conceiving and delivery. Every family wants its members to be happy and content in anything they take up. They will accept the fact that their children are going through a phase of infertility and childlessness that is hampering their normal lives. Minor details about the egg and sperm donation will also grow their interest in this. They would be delighted to know about the ways medical science has for their childless children’s lives. It is just a matter of courage and compassion and telling your family about considering surrogacy becomes an easy job.