Surrogacy for HIV Positive Gay parents

It is very rare for the IVF agencies to go for surrogacy for HIV positive parents. Almost 99% of the IVF clinics refuse to go for such programs as it requires specialised laboratory and other detailed medical arrangements to find success. This is a very sensitive thing for any medical practitioner as it requires utmost precautionary measures to safely do it.

The Huge Expenditure Involved In the Sperm Washing Technique

Sperm washing technique is required to wash the HIV positive person’s semen before using it for the purpose of insemination. The technique was introduced in the year 1992 and involves a great cost. It works on envisaging separation of a selected portion of sperm from the semen sample. HIV infections do not spread in the sperm cells and, hence, the substance cans me carefully removed from the semen for the IVF procedure. As a matter of fact, the HIV virus floats on the semen but does not affect the sperm. Now, it is crucial to segregate the sperm from the semen and introduce it to the IVF procedure. It requires specialised apparatus to perform this function.

The procedure begins with measuring the viral load of HIV by the application of drug regiments. This helps in suppressing the levels of HIV to nearly undetectable. Thus, the risk of HIV transmission to the gestational carrier and consequently the unborn child is lowered. The entire procedure not only requires many specialised devices but also requires a good amount of money to secure the whole process. This is the major reason why most IVF clinics do not offer such specialised treatment.

Surrogacy for HIV Positive Gay Parents with Fertility Clinic Americas

Fertility Clinic Americas was founded with a promise to offer the opportunity to have a family to all. We do not discriminate on sexual orientation or any other element that takes away the right of being a parent from any individual. Our attitude towards HIV-positive intended parents has always been clear and welcoming. Since Cancun, Mexico offers liberty towards gay surrogacy, we have taken the opportunity to serve every gay man desiring to become dad through surrogacy. Our services are open to HIV positive gay man from all over the world who wishes to have their genetically connected child. Over the years our services have developed with the introduction of specialised medical facilities. Our medical practitioners, doctors, and laboratory staffs unite to work for the gay parenting through modern surrogacy programs. We specialise in dealing with gay aspiring dads affected with HIV virus. Let’s agree to this that being an HIV positive person does not take away the right of being a parent from you or anybody. It is just a matter of specialised treatment procedure and differentiated IVF trial that enables HIV positive gay intending parents to become daddies.  We just have to cross the medical barriers to providing them with the best fertility treatment.

As a reputed IVF clinic operating in Mexico, we cannot deny treatment to HIV positive intended gay parents only with an excuse of lack of facilities. We have gone out of our way to establishing all the required medical facilities in our laboratories to have a clear assessment of our programs. It is no doubt a very sensitive program to carry forward an HIV gay surrogacy, but then our service units and country laws offer bigger opportunities for such cases. It is just a matter of good resource and the optimum utilisation of the existing resource. We strongly believe that no lethargic hypothesis should be the reason of darkness in any person’s life.

At Fertility Clinic Americas we have been creating families for HIV positive gay men through advanced Assisted Reproductive Technologies. We use a special technique of sperm washing to select healthy sperm out of HIV positive gay intended parents. We have pioneered in this field of sperm collection and offering surrogacy programs to everyone. Our expert medical consultants ensure the health and safety of the surrogate mother and child in every step involved in the IVF trial. We bestow IVF for HIV positive gay intended parents followed by fresh egg donation or utilisation of cryopreserved eggs.

We are located in the beautiful city of Cancun and commit to working on every aspect of infertility treatment including cryopreservation of eggs and embryos and egg/sperm donation. Our centre is operated by highly experienced medical coordination of the same field who offer you excellent medical facilities. Our laboratories are equipped with apparatus that uses latest medical techniques. We work for the HIV positive gay intended parents and promise to provide best LGBT friendly HIV surrogacy services to them.

Infertility treatment in HIV positive surrogacy aspirant dads begins with assessing their medical condition. These assessment tests include measuring the HIV load present in their semen. The study carefully tracks the flow of virus into the semen. We understand the stress of the intended parents as they undergo IVF trials and surrogacy. We commit to reduce their stress as we ensure the highest probability of success.

Apart from the experienced medical team, our legal coordinators deal with every legal aspect related to an IVF trial followed by gestational or traditional surrogacy. We assist HIV positive gay daddies-to-be to complete all the required documentation so that they can happily take their babies to their homeland.

Our campus offers you a relaxing environment where you get to concentrate more on your IVF trials. You need that space of mind to remain stress-free. Cancun is known for its spectacular beaches. You can enjoy sunbathing and relaxation on the sand shacks. You can go for snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming and many more water activities to keep you stress-free all the while.

Our all-inclusive fertility clinic of Fertility Clinic Americas welcomes you with open hands. You can contact us about your specialised requirements. We would assist you best in availing the liberty of gay surrogacy permission in our destination. You can make the most out of the flexible gay surrogacy laws, experience world-class fertility treatments and enjoy a stress-free surrogacy program with us.